Our Rates and Services



Initial Appointment                                  $80
Subsequent                                                 $55

Custom Prescription orthotics

Variable rate. Please call for more information.    

laser/Light therapy

Included in your treatment as needed.

shockwave therapy

Shockwave                                                   $60

Research shows the use of radial shock waves or Radial Pressure Waves (RPW) accelerates the healing process by activating the body’s self-healing powers, particularly in cases where the body has been unable to do it on its own. After 2-3 sessions, over 80% of patients report a significant reduction in pain.

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nutrition Consult

Initial Appointment                               $125
Subsequent                                                    $75   


Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine

Initial Consultation & Treatment        $125
Facial Rejuvenation          $125
60 Minute Treatment                                   $100

45 Minute Treatment                                   $85
30 Minute Treatment                                 $65 

Acupuncture is time-tested, gentle and effective medicine, and one of the fastest growing medical fields in the world. Your initial appointment includes a full medical history, assessment, home care recommendations and full body acupuncture session. Please visit www.blackspruceacupuncture.com for a list of conditions treated and more complete treatment information.

Stay tuned for more on our upcoming herbal dispensary!

registered massage therapy

Initial (45-60mins)*                             $85/$105
30 Minute Treatment                                 $65
45 Minute Treatment                                 $85
60 Minute Treatment                               $105
90 Minute Treatment                                 $160 

*Our Registered Massage Therapists require initial appointments of 45 minutes minimum.